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LED Glowing Shih Tzu Collar

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Night walks are becoming common with dog owners, but going for bit of exercise after the sun has set poses some dangers, particularly in areas that are not well lit. While dog owners can choose to avoid areas like these, practicality forces them to use what’s nearest to them. Since some dogs are difficult to see at night due to their size and coat color – the Shih Tzu being one of them – it’s best to keep them protected by making them visible. This is where the LED Glowing Shih Tzu Collar comes to the rescue and you can get one at the Shih Tzu Shop.  

Features: Lights, Lighting Modes (Steady, Fast Flash, Normal Flash, Off), Basic Collar, Safety

Material: Nylon

Available Sizes: S, M, L

Available Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange, White

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