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2020 HOT Original Box Mini GSM GPS Pet Tracke

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1. Bluetooth version 4.0, ultra-thin design, easy to carry.

2. Automatic alarm beyond effective range.

3. Ringing bell plus vibration alarm, a variety of tones can be adjusted

4. Compatible with Iphone 4s/5,5s,5c,ipad mini.ITouch5, ipad 3/4.

5. Replaceable button battery.

6. Low power bluetooth technology, battery life up to eight months.

7. Location function. It is convenient for you to check the last position of the object on the mobile phone.

8. A mobile phone, support up to 8 anti - loss device management.


1. Bluetooth connection with mobile phone, two-way search function, can be connected to 8 sets of

anti-loss device.

2. In the connected state, when the anti-loss device exceeds the set bluetooth range, the phone and the

anti-loss device will alarm at the same time.

3. Mobile phone can check the map location when the anti-loss device is disconnected.

4. Provide the function of no disturb, can set the silence within a certain period of time, to prevent the

interruption in work and other important time.

5. Through the anti - loss device to control the phone shooting function, remote selfie.

6. Through the anti - loss device to control the phone recording function.


Bluetooth new 4.0 technology, very low power consumption, button battery CR2032 power supply, standby

more than 10 months, easy to replace.

Support IOS system and ANDROID system 4.3 or above (bluetooth 4.0 required)

Anti - loss device looks beautiful fashion, 4 main colors (white, black, red and blue optional) and can match

each other, provide unlimited combination imagination space