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Shih Tzu Towel

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While dogs have fur to keep them warm, they can still get cold after a bath. This is why it is important to keep them dry and comfortable right after bath time. This multi-function towel from Shih Tzu Shop is super absorbent and made with soft cotton material to keep your pet warm after taking a bath and in colder days. Easy to put on and remove, this towel is of high quality and also comes in different designs and colors. Make your pet comfortable and more adorable with this absorbent towel.


Features: Soft and Comfortable Cloth, Ultra Absorbent, Cute Designs, 100% Brand New

Sizes (Neck Circumference): S (35 x 35 cm), M (45 x 45 cm), L (65 x 65 cm)

Colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Dark Blue

  • Shih Tzu Towel

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