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Shih Tzu Bandanna Collar

Regular price $7.99

Who said you can’t have a bit of fun with your beloved pooch? Some canine owners love to dress up their pooch but if you’re going for the minimal, this Shih Tzu Bandana Collar is the perfect fit. It’s not only functional but stylish as well. Yes, it is a neck collar but it also comes in a bandana design. Your four-legged companion is sure to turn heads with this fashion statement slash functional dog accessory. This item is available in several colors at the Shih Tzu Shop and is suitable for both male and female dogs.

Features: Neck Collar, Adjustable

Material: Nylon

Available Sizes: S (31 cm – 12’2 inch), M (40 cm – 15’7 inch)

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red 


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