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Nylon LED Dog Harness

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Walking your dog at night poses a number of dangers to the dog itself and to you. The limited light sources available in some areas make it difficult for drivers to see you and your pooch. Not only that, you’re also at danger with other people who run or walk at night as less light means less visibility. While wearing reflective clothing will protect you, how can you protect your four-legged companion? This is where the Nylon LED Dog Harness comes in to help. This accessory alerts drivers and other people of the presence of your dog thus keeping them safe from harm.

Features: Lights, Basic Collar, Safety

Material: Nylon

Available Sizes: XS (1.5 cm width, 32-38 cm chest length), S (2.0 cm width, 32-40 cm chest length), M (2.5 cm width, 38-50 chest length), L (2.5 cm width, 46-60 cm chest length)

Available Colors: Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange

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