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Adjustable Soft Mesh Fabric Padded Dog Harness

Regular price $15.99

While a collar may be fine for use at home, it doesn’t make the most comfortable and safe accessory when taking your dog out for a walk. Dogs find it uncomfortable to be pulled from the neck and may even cause injury in worst case scenarios. All these worries will be put to rest with the Adjustable Soft Mesh Fabric Padded Dog Harness. This hugs your pooch from the belly, allowing them to breathe and move in a natural manner.

Features: Mesh Fabric Body, Leash, Safety

Material: Mesh Fabric

Available Sizes: XS (8.5 inches neck, 9-13 inches chest), S (8.5 inches neck, 12-18 inches chest), M (12.5 inches neck, 14-21 inches chest), L (14 inches neck, 19-29 inches chest), XL (15 inches neck, 21-32 inches chest)

Available Colors: Beige, Blue, Pink, Red


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